Luxury boutique GYM located in the heart of Saida. Offering you, the best and certified equipment from #LifeFitness and Hammer strength.


2nd Floor Boulevard Mall - East Saida Highway


GYM Areas

Functional area

At Synergy Gym we provide the best of both world high and low intensity functional training with our certified equipments from Hammer Strength and professional trainers we offer the full experience of what a functional workout is all about.


Many actors and actresses in Hollywood love this sort of work out, and a lot of fitness professionals always recommend this training because it’s something that can be used in your everyday life. Functional training is a program that includes a variety of exciting exercises that train flexibility , strength, balance, coordination, power and endurance.



Cardio area

Enjoy your morning run on the treadmill, with a refreshing and relaxing view overlooking Saida’s Mediterranean Sea. Our cardio area is  well equipped and certified with the latest Life Fitness machines. These machines have a  Wireless Internet and Bluetooth capabilities, providing users with access to various apps that include streaming Netflix shows, YouTube, music , or the Life Fitness  app to track and customize your workouts.

Body building area

This area is known for anyone wanting to go on a full beast mode, the savagery workout that consist of deadlift, pull up, leg press, up right row and other types of workout. This area is known for anyone that wants to boost their powerlifting game by  gaining muscle then this area is exactly what you are looking for in your workout. So get ready to bring your  A Game because in our area if there’s no pain there’s no gain!

Spinning area

Introducing to you the first spinning class in Saida, this class is the only class that has certified equipments from life fitness in all of Lebanon. Spinning has taken over the fitness world and brought in a new type of workout  focusing on endurance, strength, intervals, high intensity and recovery, and involves using a special stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel in a classroom setting. With a pumped up trainer taking you on a different level of intensity and fun you’ll be lost in the class and not realizing that your 45 mins workout is over. So let’s take it up a notch and increase that intensity!